This article explains about how to recover hidden files from pen drives (usually infected by shortcut virus). In windows operating systems (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10), quite often we face trouble  in our pen drives and removable devices that all the files in them disappears suddenly and we can see shortcuts with different names. When we try to open it, it will execute a script which will infect the new computer also.

Recover hidden files from Pen Drives (The Shortcut Virus)

  • Insert pen drive in new clean computer and make sure the auto run feature has been disabled.
  • Do not open the pen drive or removable disk.
  • Launch explorer (my computer or computer) using  Ctrl + E .
  • You will see the list of drives and removable devices. Say the pen drive is  I Drive .
  • Select and highlight the pen drive by a single click.
  • By holding down the  Shift Key, right-click on the I Drive  (Pen Drive).
  • The Following context menu appears

  • Click on the link  Open Command Window here. 
  • Now Command window opens with  I:\> .
  • Type the following command
attrib -h -r -s /s /d
  • After typing the above code click  Enter .
  • The code will gets executed and takes time depending on the number of files present in your pen drive.
  • After successful execution again  I:\>   is displayed.
  • Now open the removable drive using right-click and open.
  • Now you can see all hidden files, scripts, .exe files along with a folder with no name.
  • Open the folder with no name, you can see all the files inside it.
  • Copy or move or rename the folder. Delete everything outside the folder (shortcuts, .exe files, scripts).
  • If possible move the files to safe place, format the pen drive and restore the files.
  • In future, never use pen drive in infected computers. Transfer files using emails and cloud storage for better security.
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